Sunday, September 2, 2007

Faction Level 52

It was after Colony Wars when the Deadly Alliance (PasawayProphecy, Unholy, IAMVIETNAMESE, CrimsonCarnation) agreed to help each other in order to finish the Level 52 faction quest and become Royalist.

Each faction had 7-9 representatives to join the quest and most of them are level 100.

The Level 52 quest is like Colony Wars wherein we capture the colonies of the republicans and click on the statue that will pop out after all colonies have been captured. So what we did was to divide the group into 2, PasawayProphecy and CrimsonCarnation will take the left side of the map while Unholy and IAMVIETNAMESE will take the right side of the map.

After capturing the colonies on each side we meet at the center colony and at that moment level 100 republican mobs were hindering us from finishing the level 52 faction quest all the fallen members were resurrected and continued bashing and capturing the colonies. Finally we were at the last colony the mobs were so many and hitting hard on us, but we don't mind them instead of killing them we focused on the colony and resurrected our allies especially the leaders of each faction for they are the ones who should click the statue that will pop out after capturing the last colony. After minutes of bashing, resurrecting and spamming hp pots, we finally captured the last colony and the statue appeared and boom Victory! we did this mission 3 more times in order for all factions to finish the quest. Now we are all Royalist and ready for the upcoming Colony Wars the battle between Royalist and Republicans.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Colony Wars(Aug. 19)

Yeah! i definitely enjoyed the week long vacation haha first stop last sunday's colony wars.

Captured 5 Colonies: Ustiur Zona Uno, Ferrucio Junction, Kings Garden, Tetra Hill, Old Port Of Coimbra

Last sunday's CW was awesome! The other week we only got 2 colonies but last sunday we managed to capture 3 more and have a total of 5 colonies captured.

At around 7:30pm Kerigan(our leader) assembled the pasaway members and discussed the strategy and plans. the plan was to declare war on Reborn and capture their Colony at Old Port of Coimbra, we stayed at channel 2, and as soon as the war started we warped to channel 1 and started breaking the beacon and killed Reborn's defenders, while breaking the old port beacon Rebirth and NeptuneWorld who were allies declared war on us and trying to capture our Ferrucio Junction colony, after 30 mins of action we captured Old Port.

Next plan was to defend our Colony at Ferrucio Junction which was continuously mobbed by our enemies NeptuneWorld and Rebirth. We managed to defend our ferrucio colony since we are much more stronger than those 2 factions. NeptuneWorld felt they can't capture our colony so they agreed for a truce, after that their allies Rebirth change their target colony and captured Deserted Quay.

Most of our members were getting bored, they suggested that we capture Tetra hill, Jezebel Glen or King's Garden. Since we were at war with Rebirth, Kerigan told us to capture King's Garden. Rebirth was out numbered by our faction, thus we captured their colony.

With 30 minutes left before Colony Wars end, we were not satisfied of having 4 colonies thus we declared a war on the new faction Exodus and attacked Tetra Hill, they were strong and competitive so we needed help from our ally IAMVIETNAMESE. With us and the viets attacking Tetra Hill, we managed to get the colony just in the nick of time, and so we managed to geta total of 5 colonies at the end of Colony Wars and enjoy +40% MHP.

After CW the Deadly Alliance(composed of PasawayProphecy, Unholy, IAMVIETNAMESE & CrimsonCarnation) agreed to help each other in order to reach the Level 52 Faction.

Kinda sleepy now, i'll post the details tomorrow or on Thursday(maintenance day ^_^) CIAO!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Faction Level 51

I know its late but its better late than never so since GE is having an emergency maintenance i'll take take the opportunity to post the pics on how our faction Pasaway Prophecy got the level 51 faction state.
Killing Great Hill Giant

Holy Shit! It's sooo BIG!


At first we were doubtful that we could kill Great Hill Giant but then our leader Kerigan is after the experience, "Kerigan: Experience is the best Teacher", that i think is correct without experiencing anything how could you make a strategy and defeat Hill Giant. Of course we failed the first time but then when we have numbers and already have sufficient high level players we did try again and boom! we killed the hill giant tnx to the tankers BaG, Esspadda,Crestfall, and of course me who relied on Protection Field haha.
Killing Vladimir

Vladimirs can't stop us!

Dr. Fran Mothtein is strong but he can't stop pasaway!

Finally we reached Chrysalis/Chrisariis, Crush him! Total Wreck!

Yeah! after killing Great Hill Giant we're off to part 2 of getting our faction to level 51.

Of course just like what we did to Great Hill Giant we tried the corridor of secrets first to make a strategy and again we failed the first time, and we found out that we need to have cooperation in order for us all to get to Dr. Fran.

So on our next try what we did was to balance 2 parties and have each party 3 high levels to be the last to warp, and we did it a good job making all the members warp inside to Dr. Fran's chamber so the next step we did was to contain Dr. Fran inside a room w/ fences and only tankers are allowed to get inside while musketeers, wizards and elementalist snipes them outside the fences of course the scouts can't go inside so tankers used pots powers, Dr. Fran is so strong coz he uses magic and is unblockable except his normal attacks.

Finally after long time of battling Dr. Fran we managed to kill him and go to the last stage and kill 2 Vladimirs and the Last Boss Chrisariis. We first killed the 2 Vladimirs and then off to Chrisariis, it is very hard to hit Chrisariis coz when he uses skills all none tankers are sure deads, so what we did was hit and run coz he has large range and strong aoe skills and god if my fighter has no fortify im 1 hit KO so i let my wiz cast Protection Field on my fighter in order to lessen Chrisariis damage, I was amazed to my fellow tankers BaG and Crestfall coz they didn't need to be buffed coz they can tank it even if there's no buff also as we attack Chrisariis we found out it's not having hp regen so we continue to hit and run and keep out patience until we killed him and rejoice for out victory.

Yehey! and we are Faction Level 51!, next step is to make our Faction reach Level 52 i'll be posting it when it happens, and i think it's soon, so better watch out for it ^_^.

Anime Review: Zombie Loan

Since GE is having a 3 day maintenance, i try to find an anime to watch and so i found Zombie Loan.

Zombie Loan is a horror adventure anime, Michiru Kita, Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana are the 3 main characters.

Michiru Kita is a special girl who possesses shinigami eyes, which allows her to see a dark ring around a persons neck. this ring symbolizes the person's impending death, once the ring turns completely black, the person dies.
Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana, two boys in her class, both have black rings around their necks, but to her surprise, they are not yet dead. the two boys made a deal with a secret loan office called the Zombie Loan. In return for keeping them alive, the two have to hunt zombies for the loan office. When Michiru gets involved with them, she finds that her life has just become more complicated -Anime News Network

Well the story is all about a girl w/ shinigami eyes and 2 boys who are in debt for having a contract in zombie loan office, so in able to pay the loan they have to hunt zombies until they found out that the zombies that they are killing are somehow like them who have contracts but not with zombie loan office.

After watching 4 episodes i seem to like this anime there is comedy, action and drama. There's also your school girl loli michiru and 2 handsome guys chika and shito *it seems more girls are watching this anime coz of those 2*, as the episodes progress you will see that there are other characters that will join them such as Mr. Bekko, Yuta and her right hand Kenken and her left hand Konkon, Kuze Shimotsuki, Yomaichi who has an alter ego named Yomi, Shiba Reiichiro.

Well its too early to tell if its going to be a hit just like Deathnote or Bleach but personally i liked zombie loan so im going watch the succeeding episodes.

For now i give Zombie Loan a 4/5 rating.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


i woke up early to attend my class even though i'm still sleepy, so i took a bath, ate my breakfast and off to school.

while traveling i fell asleep inside the fx 'coz i slept late the other night, as we reached philcoa the rain starts to fall then i realized *OH SHIT! i forgot to bring my umbrella!*, good thing i have my Granado Espada cap to at least cover my head.

as i got off the fx i run for shelter and looked at my watch and its already 9:15am *what's new? i'm always late* so i entered the campus and saw my classmates going out *i thought they were just having a break and going to smoke* and so i talked to them and asked why are they going out and they told me "dude walang pasok!", i was like *anak ng pota nmn oh sana na2log nlng ako!*